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With the growth and development of our business, our marketing and design techniques have surpassed that of being polished and have transitioned into the world of inventive. We hold traditional values dearly, but maintain an attitude friendly to thinking outside of the box and developing innovative and personal touches. The interactivity and seamlessness of our own website – which can be viewed on any digital device – as well as the quality of our portfolio work lends only a glimpsing perspective into our capabilities.



Our values

We enthusiastically subscribe to the notion that success is commanded by working in a professional, ethical and responsible manner. We’re open with our clients and communicate with clarity and honesty because we value our relationships wholeheartedly.

We encourage our employees to take initiative and think prolifically with a team-focus on a vision that serves as the nucleus of our creativity. Your goal is our goal, and we direct our resources accordingly. We take pride in our work, we take pride in our people, and, above all, we honour our commitments to our clients with a deep passion.

It is because of this structure that we have continually thrived in today’s transformative environment of industry and remain resilient in the face of an ever-changing world.

what sets us apart

From our comprehensive research of your goals, market and target audience, to our detailed and meticulous analysis and subsequent strategy manufacturing, to the final product delivery and maintenance – Pixel Eleven is a true full-service company for all marketing and design needs.

Our team offers a breadth of knowledge in industry practices and techniques, and their mastery of their specialized field provides extensive insight into the best angle of approach for any project.

But what truly makes us unique is that we’re not design and technological snobs – we’re people. We bring a warm and personal touch to our relationships with clients and partners that goes beyond the realm of creativity. We value and cherish our professional relationships and we treat companies as if they were family. With this bond, we feel that it not only provides the clearest outlets for visionary and free-flowing thinking, but delivers a meaningfulness to our projects that motivates us beyond what traditional firms offer.