Pixel Eleven is more than just a design firm.

Pixel Eleven is the embodiment of the multidimensional principles that dictate burgeoning success in the modern digital world. Thoughtful planning based on analytical and statistical research, coupled with a collaborative marketing and design strategy built specifically for each company, we create a course of action that serves as a catalyst for company growth and rapid acceleration. 

Our approach is to tailor cutting-edge and aesthetically scintillating designs to satisfy a company’s marketing objectives, including, but not limited to, responsive and universal website design, graphic design, marketing and branding initiatives, advertising, multimedia elements, copywriting and social media systems. We offer a complete and thorough package.

But for us, it’s about even more than that.

Our philosophy is about creating and maintaining a professionally creative culture that exists for one thing:
To provide innovative ideas that will demonstrate the essence of a business to its respective audience.



At its simplest, graphics are a form of communication. To send your message is one thing, to communicate your message is another. That’s where we come in. We consider all factors from a design standpoint, and both discover and understand what will work best moving forward. Our innovative strategies help secure clean and simple solutions through a combination of typography, space, image, colour and layout techniques. We provide comprehensive and thoughtful designs that effectively communicate your message and catch the consumer’s eye.



A stagnant and barren website can break a company, but a visually exhilarating and responsively tuned website can make one. In the digital world we live in today, attention spans are limited, especially on the web. We want to capture the wandering eye of the consumer through dazzling and communicative graphics and keep them with a considerate and organized page composition. Through flawless execution of pertinent web design elements, the goal is to convince your audience that your company is not only the best option, it’s the only option.


Marketing is a long-term view – a macro perspective. Building a marketing plan is one thing, but remaining liquid and adaptive to audience reaction to your plan over time is a subtlety of marketing that many companies overlook. For us, it’s in plain view. The symbiotic relationship between you and your audience governs your plan. It’s our job to understand that relationship and communicate the heart of your message on your audience’s terms, while maintaining a focus on the structure of your marketing goals.